28 November 2011

Christmas? Again?

Bah humbug!

It's Christmas. Well, nearly. Ballantynes, the bridge of remembrance and the tacky wreath on my neighbour's door say it is. I think that means it's time to drag out my own, even tackier wreath, and throw up that prickly monstrosity in the corner that Shadow so loves to tip over every chance she gets. I'll wait 'til December this time, though. I learned my lesson last time!

It could be worse, I suppose; it could be New Years, and we all know how much I love those! Oh wait. That comes straight after. Dammnit!

Truth is, I love the build-up more than the event. I have one friend in particular who has her shopping pretty much done by September, hums Christmas carols at work, and does a "Christmas dance" at random moments of the day. I may laugh, but secretly I wish I had that Christmas spirit.

I, however, am that moron with the frazzled hair wandering around the malls on the 24th, my fists bunched, suffering a grand-mal attack of Mall Rage, whilst fruitlessly poking through piles of junk before giving up and buying everyone a bottle of wine off the top shelf at Pak 'N Save. Even the kids.

I wish I was good at Christmas, but I'm just not. I swear I should get special consideration for that. Know me before you judge me!

I do, however, love all the BBQs and getting drunk in the middle of the day. That I am good at. It seems my Christmas spirit comes mixed with tonic with a nice wedge of lime. 

Please, people, if you like me at all, leave comments with great gift ideas!


  1. I saw some cool ideas in a magazine where they put together boxes/baskets of stuff. One was a pavlova one - free range eggs, sugar, wee potted strawberry plant, another for cookies - flour, sugar, chocolate chips, cookie cutters, and some dessert one - sundae cups, sprinkles, choc sauce. You could easily do it cheap from supermarket and asian shops.

  2. So it's like giving baking, without actually doing the baking?!

  3. Haha yeh and they will think you were so thoughtful (unless they read your blog)

  4. Kmart has a great selection of random gift ideas in their Christmas section. Or try the sale bins at the Warehouse in the music and dvd section. You can pick up some awesome old classics for less than $10. When it comes to xmas I try to buy someone something they would like but couldn't justify spending money on for themselves.

  5. Whoa now, I think youve already hit on gold with this whole 'buying everyone a bottle of wine' thing. especially the kids. Kids love wine. true fact

  6. As Richard Till says....your kids will love you for it!

  7. I'm pretty bad at figuring what to give too, but Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/) has some pretty neat ideas. I usually try cookies or just ask what people want even if it takes away the surprise :P

  8. Thanks for the ideas guys - Melisse, what an interesting site!