18 June 2012

I dream of... WTF?

A baby llama. Just because.
Smoking friends! If you haven't tried Champix yet, do. Oh, it hasn't made me give up smoking - I'm still puffing away guiltily ("tomorrow, tomorrow" has become a kind of mantra for me) - but it gives you the most amazing dreams!

I've given up smoking before (more than once...) and the nicotine deprivation has always given me vivid dreams. But Champix is on a whole other level. 

I'd been warned that my dreams would be both vivid and scary. Both of these things have been borne out. But it's oh, so much fun! I'm loving waking each morning and thinking "nice one, imagination, HIGH FIVE!". Even those, ah, 'special' dreams are enhanced. Ladies, you know the ones I mean.

Sadly, I've not had any midget llamas yet, as I did last time I kicked the cancer sticks. But I have had strange, labyrinthine underground apartments, a terrifying dream seizure (which just happened to coincide with an actual earthquake), and an epic mystery involving a university, a helicopter crash, the Vice Chancellor, aliens, a bunch of lecturers and current crush as my crime-solving sidekick. The key to that one turned out to be a tiny ugly black kitten who I at first mistook for a dead bird in a spiderweb and then adopted, which turned out to have magical powers.

And then there was the time I went into Glassons looking for a costume base, and couldn't try on the dress because the changing rooms had been red-stickered for earthquake damage and cordoned off. I decided to go to another Glassons instead, and encountered CC outside in a black SUV, who offered me a ride to the mall. And before we'd even left the carpark,  he decided to call me a "hoary mole" and said he didn't want to ride with me - and stormed off. I got a bus instead. 

This randomness is a kick all of its own - I'm getting to the point where I can't wait to get to sleep, and can't stand to wake up...!

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