14 August 2011

The new normal

Looking at the date of my last entry, it's been more than three months. How rude! But blogging was part of 'normal' life, BQ. Along with walking to work, drinks with the girls at Liquidity, coffee and bagels on a Saturday morning and five-minute trips to the dairy for milk and eggs. 

Since February 22nd, life has felt like a particularly bad holiday. Sure, we still go to work, but it's from home, or from one of a dozen buildings, begging for a seat at any one of them and taking 20 minutes to start up the computer because it's downloading my whole profile to a machine I've never used before, and probably never will again. Milk and eggs require a trek to the supermarket. And for a while, even washing my tea-towels meant a half-hour walk to the one working laundromat anywhere near me. 

Entertainment was out. Either you had a house party, or you didn't catch up with anyone at all. After-work drinks with the girls? Ha! We were all working from different locations.

So that's my bitch about how life has been. Not that hard really, but gently depressing nonetheless. For a thrill, I did a photo-sequence of the DTZ building that housed my old dairy, being demolished. I'll post that next time. 

But things are looking up. The 'new normal' has settled into being. Yes, it takes me ages to go and get a loaf of bread. Yes, it's a 30 minute bus ride to get to work, and there are no cafes nearby. But I have a 'local' bar, and the girls are back together, and a semi-permanent place to park my laptop. And the countdown is on for Cashel Mall to reopen with shipping-crate shops in November. 

Even my singleness is back in action. Vampire Boy gave me the flick again - this time in a text message saying "I've met someone else." Wanker. It snowed on the day he did it. I made a snow cock-and balls and then smashed it. Take that, snow effigy.

Sooooooo... speaking of relationships. Check out the below video - it gave me my first belly-laugh in a long, long time. The guy is hilarious!

And he's cute, too.

If you liked that one, check out some of his others - 'MK loves the ladies' is another of my favourites, and guaranteed to delight and offend.

And because it's been a while and we're on that subject already... some NZDating fun for you!

27 year old Male from Canterbury seeking Friendships
HIM: nice photo, would u like to have your... eaten out?
HIM: Hmmm, not looking for much other than mutual satisfaction & relief... what are you looking for tonight?
ME: My keys. Have you seen them?

41 year old Male from Canterbury seeking Relationships
HIM: a bag over your head would be a good start haha
HIM: whow i nearly fell out of my seat when i saw your main pic you are a very hot sexy lady hi hows your weekend been ps was sorting out my camping gear today.
HIM: *photo*
HIM: hi are you keen to met 4 a coffee tuesday
ME: No.
HIM: ok did i say some thing
ME: No, sorry, just not interested.
HIM: so we were chatting fine have you suddenly had a persionality transplant or are you just a moody cow
HIM: hahaha i wounder why your still single could it be because your a total bitch hahahha
HIM: *blocks me*

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