02 October 2011

Goodbye, DTZ

Because I promised, I give you the photo series chronicling the demolition of the DTZ building. This is where I fled to buy cigarettes at dawn on the 4th of September (what a stupid day to have picked for giving up smoking!). And, of course, where I bought all my milk, eggs and bread. I do hope the lovely blonde lady I used to chat to who worked there is alright.

The view is from the Bridge of Remembrance - I've also taken the same series from the path along the river, so if anyone wishes to see those too, let me know in the comments. 

15th of July, 2011. The flag waves proudly.
20th of July, 2011

24th of July, 2011
25th of July, 2011. Nearly twisted my ankle a bunch of times in the snow.
28th of July, 2011
29th of July, 2011
31st of July, 2011
2nd of August, 2011
3rd of August, 2011
4th of August, 2011
6th of August, 2011. The flag looks sad now.
9th of August, 2011. Only scraps remain.

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